This is the website and blog of  Dr. Will Varey (PhD).

Will’s career has primarily involved working for policy outcomes in governance and justice, as an adviser in strategic development roles, as a systems researcher in academia, facilitating transitions for sustainability change and in forming professional advisory practices for societal benefit. For the last fifteen years he has been developing research and inquiry methods looking specifically at the generative potentials of humanity-level systems of health and wellbeing.

As a result he is primarily known for work in founding the field called ‘Apithology ‘. This discipline concerns the study of the dynamics of healthy growth and generativity in living systems. The field provides a counterpart discipline to the study of pathology. It does so by adopting an orientation for the enablement of generative outcomes. This provides an alternative paradigm of approach to the alleviation or mitigation of existent problems.

Beyond this easily understood initial distinction is a wide research agenda. This is supported by an extensive theory of praxis. Efficacy in the practice of Apithology involves specific principles of observation, the validation of findings by a community of inquiry, and the development of practical applications for humanity generativity. This discourse enables us to discuss some of humanity’s most significant questions from a different originating premise. 

The study and practice of apithology involves intriguing considerations. Of most excitement is its wide scope of potential applications. There is already a vast array of individual modalities. Each is an expression of what it means to be human, acting as a member of humanity. The novelty of this generative inquiry process is how research is structured and completed. Its central questions are primarily about how humanity presently enacts and protects its inherent and future potentials.

In practical terms apithology practice is designed to meet immediate needs, across extended timeframes, for future humanitarian benefits. For those looking for much more than a momentary description, you are encouraged to find out how to engage in this work collaboratively and to contribute to this emerging and unique field of humanitarian inquiry.


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Dr. Will Varey

Dr. Will Varey