The Awaywalkers

The Awaywalkers is a children’s book for adults to read to their child. In the fictional land of the Awaywalkers everyone walks backwards discovering life in a back to front kind of way. The story follows one little Awaywalker through the many stages of life to learn how he discovers his own unique destiny. It is a book of timeless wisdom to be cherished in childhood and read countless times on the many paths through life.


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Approaching Apithology: Aspirations in Generative Pathways

In this first book in the apithology series those new to apithology are walked gently into the place of commencement. The book outlines in a classical format the essential dimensions for apithology’s sensings. The full scope of appreciations necessary for a generative understanding are revealed as a way of entering into the field. By this elucidation one can avoid the pitfalls of a summary, overview, or paraphrase from those without an understanding from inside practice. This is apithology for those with the intention to practice consciously.

Enabling Humanity: Holding the Health of the Whole

This book is the primary invitation into the practice of apithology. It is written for those with active considerations for the well-being of humanity as a whole. It illuminates for the first time the potentials in a humanity psychology. The scenarios for managing a convergence of existences are explained and the alternative of a generative ontonomy is proposed. As well as describing the health of the whole, the book provides personal steps for a contributive future for all. A book for reflection and consideration for decades to follow.

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Contributing  Caring: An Ethic for Human Becoming

This is the primary text on the humanitarian ethic of Apithology. It considers the virtues and difficulties in cultivating the conditions for humanity’s future potentials. The origin of the problems of pathology in modern society are countered with a consideration of the causes of generative health. While all other ethical systems are noted and respected, the premise of One Caring calls into question the adequacy of a contemporary morality.

Learning Humility: Discoveries from a Community of Inquiry

The features of a generativist approach to learning are questioned and clarified in this book. The idea of examining where learning occurs explains why our learning about future learning is often overlooked. The book clearly outlines the originating principles of apithagogy, being the field that explains how a humanity itself learns. This is a visionary approach that affirms what every educator knows and is rarely allowed to teach. A touchstone resource for the benefit of future generations.

Nurturing Beginning: Pathways for the Humanity Contributive

This text outlines the coherences in the three primary stages of apithology practice. The places of most significance and the sequence of greatest progress are described to guide all levels of practice. In knowing the virtues that become markers on a generative journey of discovery the development of practice becomes a scenic refreshment. Once we learn there is no need to be lost in self-guiding we become open to coherence in our greatest attainings.

Allowing Radiance: The Joyfulness of Generative Attainments

The practices of apithology are brought together in this simple book of great vision and challenge. The prospect of how present actions lead to future thought raises positive questions about how societies can enable possible futures. The nature of generative potentials, together with their formation, protection and nurturance, are considered at humanitarian scales. Where some works speak to human inequity, this book envisages an equality of contributive caring for all humanity.

Opening Unknowing: An Inquiry into the Possible

This practitioners guide to the field of apithology provides guidance to the distinctive minds used in the practice of the Nine Inquiries. In addition to preliminary instructions, the epistemology of apithology is explained comprehensively as a research methodology. This is a book about the nature of mind and our mindfulness of the quality of our inquiry. The collective practice of generative participatory investigation is described and compared with other generative discourse methods. This work in abductive aesthetics reconsiders knowledge itself in the context of humanity’s own self-awareness.

Becoming Unremarkable: A Practitioners Guide to Proficiency

This book, originally written as the counterpart to Enabling Humanity, outlines the personal practices of the student practitioner of Apithology. Detailed descriptions are provided of the self-qualities generated in an apithological approach to human becoming. The Appendix also contains the original text of the (previously unpublished) meditations on the Nine Happinesses. This is a work of substantial depth. It provides a framework for generative living, done as a lifetime contributive member of a healthy humanity.

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Aspects of Apithology: Behind the Mirror’s View

This special edition brings together the collected essays from the first ten years of publication of the Journal of Apithological Theory and Practice. These peer-generated articles deal with specific topics of relevance for those interested in the field of Apithology. This source work is comparable in style to Gregory Bateson’s ‘Steps to an Ecology of Mind’, in looking at the aesthetics of humanity’s own self-knowing. The collection provides in one place the fundamental introductions to this field of inquiry for the serious student, the trained practitioner and the generally interested academic.

The Art of the Small Collapse: A Pathway to Contributive Living

This small volume contains the signature essays on a generativst approach to life, living well, and leaving a contribution worthy of rememberance. This series of short essays act as meditations and prompts to a guided pathway of deeper inquiry. This is a book for those at a crossroads in their life, seeking to choose between stagnation and reinvigoration. An invaluable guidebook of easy to read signposts to life’s more significant personal questions, informed by apithological appreciations.